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Can You Make a Rent House Cozy and Homey? ?>

Can You Make a Rent House Cozy and Homey?

There is a myth about the rent house more wide-spread than any others. You live here temporary, they say, and you cannot and you should not try making this place a home. But how so, I cannot help, but wonder. What does temporary means when sometimes in life you have to spend years and years living in place to rent before you can finally settle down and buy one. At first, you cannot afford one. But then, you just want to try new things, to live in new places, and to enrich yourself and your life from different cultures. You spend years in places that are not practically yours, but are your home. The place to go after work every day, the place to feel nostalgic for when you are away for much longer, the home is not a matter of private property. The home is a feeling. The home is something that is in your heart and a piece of your soul you cannot exist without. So the next time someone tries convincing you there is no need for you to take care of your so beloved rented home, just ignore them. What they think and what they say doesn’t matter. What matters is the coziness of your home no matter where it is and what it is like. Make it yours, make it homey, make it warm. Here is how.

Know What You Are Allowed to Change

Of course, making a rented house more cozy is not that easy. The first and the most major impediment are the “rules”. When you sign a contract for a rented flat or house, you confirm that you will not change some things. For instance, you cannot make holes in the walls and you cannot change the flooring. So if you don’t want to lose your tenancy security deposit, and I am sure you don’t want, you better check your rent agreement in advance and be well prepared.Tea_cosy

Be Creative

Well, they told you cannot hang pictures and photos on the walls and you gave up. All those pieces of art you have been buying for ages are now in boxes and all the photos are on your personal computer, while all the walls are blank and the entire house looks boring. Be creative then. You cannot hang them, but you can still arrange them nicely in a more innovative way. Just use your imagination and you will do miracles, for sure.