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The New Furniture Fashion ?>

The New Furniture Fashion

Once we lived in our homes without paying some special attention to them. Now we live in homes we like to decorate and furnish. We want to feel cozy and have everything we love. We want to have places that are reflections of ourselves. We don’t want houses that are like hotels or motels. We don’t like rented homes that are like dorms. We like places and rooms with a spirit. We like memories hanging on the walls and warmth felt in the air. We like to be home. We like to feel nostalgic for it. We like to share it. and because we love home so much, we want to treat it specially. And here comes the furniture fashion we are quite excited about. And for a reason.hqdefault

The Rose Gold

It came recently to the market and it became super popular. At first was the jewelry. Necklaces, watches, and rings in this color were and still are super fashionable. But then the rose gold lovers decided to bring it into the home industry, as well. And people loved it. Rose gold frames started appearing in the market and rose gold glasses and tables and pots, and everything. Lovely.